Exposition de votre piscine
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Choose the location of your pool

the swimming pool buried above ground or semi buried, your decision is taken. Now you have to find the right location and the choice may be complicated because thinking about the implantation of the pool is anticipating the quality of the construction and above all the comfort of the use of the pool.

A good implementation will allow you to make the most of your swimming pool.


L'implantation de votre piscine

In addition to the nature of the terrain, it is your pool maintenance that will make his case, you should also take into account some elements :

-Regulatory distances must be observed between the basin and the neighbouring properties as well as between the basin and the surrounding roads


-Exposure is also a paramount.

The ideal is to place it in the sunniest area. You can both swim and take a real bath of sun in ideal conditions and benefit from a natural heating of the water. Be sure to take into account the shadows by trees (do not neglect nor pollution from the leaves of the surrounding vegetation), the surrounding constructions as well as prevailing winds of sort to limit cooling and evaporation of water from your pool

Exposition de votre piscine

-The proximity of the pool from your home:

this proximity will result in a choice of life. Near implantation of the house offers a living full room which brings you ease and comfort of use. However, you can choose to have your small case of happiness at the bottom of the garden away from the eyes.

-The type of pool:

swimming pool above ground, buried, half buried? Each type of basin has peculiarities that are proper. Also, you should share with your builder that will guide them to optimal implantation!

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