Le magnésium, un extraordinaire pouvoir bienfaisant issu de la nature.
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Crystal clear water with Magnapool


Magnesium, an extraordinary result beneficial power of nature.

Present in seawater, as well as in the human body and all living tissues, magnesium is part of the essential minerals to the proper functioning of our body. The relaxing properties of baths enriched in magnesium are recognized for many years. We know that magnesium is beneficial for the easing of pain, care of the skin or muscles.


An exclusive magnesium-based water treatment system

Le magnésium, un extraordinaire pouvoir bienfaisant issu de la nature.

Magnesium-based exclusive MagnaPool ™ water treatment system, combines the natural properties of MagnaPool ™ minerals to the exceptional filtration system. For a swimming pool, which is enriched with minerals, to be pure, balanced and respectful of the environment, 3 products have to be associated:

  1. Patented MagnaPool ™ Minerals, in solution in the water of the basin.
  2. Crystal Clear, the media composed of crystals of glass that allows a ultra fine filtration.
  3. Hydroxinator, an exclusive feature of water treatment, that automatically purifies water by hydroxynation *.

This system is independent and very easy to use, it releases you from the stress of treating water.



La recherche Zodiac® a ainsi démontré que :

– le système MagnaPool™ génère 40% de chloramines en moins qu’un traitement de l’eau par électrolyse au sel.
– les chloramines se développent 4 fois plus lentement dans un bassin MagnaPool™ que dans une eau traitée manuellement au chlore ou par électrolyse au sel. Avec MagnaPool™, vous optez pour un environnement aquatique et une eau toute en douceur pour la peau, les cheveux et les yeux.

A swimming pool enriched with minerals of extraordinary clarity. MagnaPool ™ allows you to obtain a water of extraordinary clarity, without the addition of chemical disinfection. This intense clarity is made possible through the combination of two innovative factors. On one hand the powerful power provided by this magnesium in MagnaPool ™ minerals, naturally clarifying. And on the other hand the finesse of exceptional filtration media filter Crystal Clear.


Efficient and stable disinfection.

When the pool water is processed manually, the chlorine concentration varies strongly between each addition. This generates a serrated effect that can affect the effectiveness of the treatment and the comfort of bathing. With MagnaPool ™, the natural purifying properties of the processing performed by the Hydroxinator Act fresh and constant, without serrated effect.
Result: disinfected water is continuous, healthy and always perfectly balanced.


Less chloramines for incomparable bathing quality.

Compared to traditional systems of water (adding chlorine or salt electrolysis) treatment, MagnaPool ™ naturally slows the development of chloramines, these molecules can be the origin of unpleasant odor of chlorine and irritation of the eyes or the skin.


Zodiac ® research showed that:

The MagnaPool ™ system generates less than 40% of chloramines in treatment of water by electrolysis as compared to salt.
Chloramines developed 4 times slowlier in a MagnaPool ™ basin as compared to water manually treated with chlorine or salt electrolysis. With MagnaPool ™, you opt for an aquatic environment and water gentle on the skin, hair and eyes.

Water and energy efficient system.

Crystal Clear filters media of MagnaPool ™ pools consists of thousands of crystals of pure glass. Unlike sand, it is not receptive to bacteria and requires only a very short filter washing (backwash). Thus, the water consumption can be reduced up to 75%.

No disinfection chemicals to be be added.

MagnaPool ™ is a mineral-based treatment system requiring no addition of chemical, disinfectants or curative products (chlorine shock, anti-algae, flocculants…). These advantages make MagnaPool ™ a system of both respectful treatment of the environment and particularly competitive maintenance costs.

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