Un hammam sur mesure chez soi
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A custom hammam at home

Hamman tailor-made

If you want to enjoy benefits of a steam room with as many options as in an Institute, you definitely turn to the hammam on measurement. Discover the characteristics of a hammam on measurement and precautions to take before embarking.


The characteristics of a hammam on measurement

Un hammam sur mesure chez soi

The hammam on measurement is undoubtedly the most led all domestic hammams. Indeed, when installing a steam bath, you have the guarantee to benefit from a system suitable to the place you have, your needs and your use. You can choose the size you want and you can spice it up at your leisure. These baths custom can be of two kinds:

  • You can find kit custom steam rooms which are the cheapest of the hammams and requiring less heavy work.
  • You can also turn to the masonry hammam that requires work from large works that must be carried out by a professional, and for which you will need a larger budget. However, it is also the most aesthetic hammam, because it blends perfectly with the rest of the piece and can be easily customized according to your tastes and the decoration and style that you like.



The Moroccan hammam: a luxury decor

Un hammam sur mesure chez soi

Traditionally, the Moroccan hammam is divided into three parts more or less hot, for the different treatments. The warm room is used to clean skin with black SOAP, washing room temperate, cold room serves to relax.

Of course, it is hardly possible to install a genuine Moroccan hammam at home (unless you have a very large house), however, you can build steam room whose decor will remind you of the orient.

The Moroccan hammam is a hammam of luxury with exceptional decor. The dome ceiling and wall mosaics and tiles give your traditional hammam all its beauty.


Install a hammam you

To build a traditional hammam, you must have enough room. You can totally customize your Moroccan hammam: shape, size, lighting, options… With an oriental hammam, you are truly transported into another world.

Enjoy your oriental hammam for you care traditional hammam, and Institute.


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