Gestion de l'entretien dune piscine
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How long does it take to maintain a pool?

A few gestures are enough to protect your pool from bacteria, algae, and impurities. Do not neglect this maintenance which will take a little time.

A regular and SIMPLE cleaning

With a beautiful tropical sun, a blue and clear pool water invites you to swim. To keep this image of happiness, just respect daily and simple principles that will not take more than half an hour a week.

Do not let bacteria and algae invade your space of fun!

Regularly maintain your swimming pool to enhance the fun!


Temps d'entretien d'une piscine


With your precious landing net, no insect or dead leaf will escape. Also check the water level. And make sure the filtration system is set properly. Once a week, clean the bottom of the pool, change the filters and check the level of pH and chlorine water.

Gestion de l'entretien dune piscine

Annual maintenance

We offer a maintenance service on a yearly basis; our teams are trained to give you maximum satisfaction and to avoid you from being in charge of your pool.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information Click here.


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