Crystal Clear 100% pure glass filter media

Exceptional filtration fineness

Crystal Clear, is a media composed of glass crystals that allows ultra fine filtration and prevents the formation of biofilm (bacterial development) in the filter.


Innovative technology

Crystal Clear is a filtration glass made exclusively from translucent pure glass.
More effective than the sand usually used, Crystal Clear allows a fineness of filtration lower than 20 microns compared to a sand filtration located at about 50 microns. Water circulates easily through this filter, and is thus cleaned more quickly.

A crystal clear pool

an extraordinary clarity. The use of Crystal Clear filter media combined with the flocculating effect of magnesium minerals produces pure, crystalline water.
Economical and eco-friendly

up to 1600 L of water saved per year

Compared to sand, Crystal Clear saves up to 75% water during filter washes.
Thanks to its natural absorption capacity, Crystal Clear allows “volume” filtration (compared to “surface” filtration with sand). When washing the filter, the particles are more easily detached from the glass and thus allow a shorter wash.


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Weight (Kg)

10 Kg

Additional notes

Aspect translucide


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