Magnesium mineral bag Patented Magnapool 10kg

Pool enriched with minerals of extraordinary clarity.

The MagnaPool® system, exclusive magnesium water treatment, combines the natural properties of MagnaPool® minerals with an exceptionally fine filtration system. Dissolved in the pool water, the patented MagnaPool® minerals have a powerful and natural clarifying power thanks to magnesium.


Magnesium, an extraordinary beneficent power

From nature

Present in seawater, as well as in the human body and in all living tissues (this is the main component of chlorophyll), magnesium is one of the essential minerals for the proper functioning of our body.
The relaxing virtues of magnesium enriched baths have been recognized for many years. It is known that magnesium is beneficial for the alleviation of pain, the care of the skin or on the muscular plane.

An incomparable bathing quality

The water in a MagnaPool® pool contains less chloramines (40% less chloramines than a water treatment by salt electrolysis), these molecules can be responsible for the sensations of dry skin and eye irritation. MagnaPool® has no odor and offers incomparable bathing comfort.

No addition of disinfection chemicals

The MagnaPool® system requires no addition of chemicals, disinfectants or curatives (shock chlorine, anti-algae, flocculants …).
These advantages make MagnaPool® a treatment system that is both environmentally friendly and with particularly competitive maintenance costs.

Additional information




40 cm


50 cm

Weight (Kg)

10 Kg



Additional notes

Formulation: Magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. Appearance: Glitter / powder mix


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