Off the wall Badujet hors-bord Stella by Procopi

The Badujet is a swimming system that uses water current which is compatible with all types of pools (liner, concrete, polyester … ).

Get active in your pool!

Badujet allows you to expend energy, to swim in your pool even if it is small. The system is based on a stream that is created against which you can swim there.

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The operation is done in the following order, first a pump drawing water and on the other hand, a discharge nozzle which returns the water in the basin with a pressure. Furthermore, the pool can prove to be a great therapy to fight against stress through this range of cameras swimming against the current and massage, and meets all sporting requirements, while being accessible to all.

Available in these models, the Badujet range is equipped with an orientable and adjustable nozzle, an adjustable flow air intake as well as a pneumatic control.

Other technical specifications :

Flow 40 m3 / h. 230/400 V AC.

Additional information



Running power (watts)

3.80 kW




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