RB-312 – Vacuum point with cap

Made in France , the wall bushings, discharge nozzles and broom. Aquareva benefits from the latest technological innovations, which gives them a guarantee of quality and reliability.


The range is available in five versions: for coating liner pools , pools for traditional reinforced concrete panels for swimming pools, for polyester hulls and swimming pools wood structure

Other technical specifications :

Made of ABS anti UV, special pool,
Double housing flange bolts,
Stickers elastomer seals,
All stainless screws, identical for all rooms,
Adhesive protection site.

Supplementary Notes ( washing tips, maintenance, etc. ) :

SBS gives the wall bushings, the discharge nozzles and broom using Aquareva brilliant colors, stable in time, thanks to its UV – resistant treatment and swimming pool chemicals, under normal conditions of use.

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