Summer covers – Energy guard bubble cover

EnergyGuard is a high performance GeoBubble cover suited to the eco-conscious pool owner who wants to lessen the environmental impact of their pool and make household savings on power, water and chemical costs.



The average domestic pool pump’s capacity to consume considerably large amounts of electricity was the fundamental reason for development of our new EnergyGuard cover. This innovative cover reduces a pool’s power consumption and saves on household electricity costs. The EnergyGuard thermal cover has a dark grey surface with a black underside.
The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover inhibits light entry into the pool, preventing photosynthesis and making it difficult for algae to grow or survive. This combined with its thermal properties yields several benefits for the pool owner.

Other technical specifications :

The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover has a dark grey top with a black underside and is UV stabilized for South African conditions.
The non-toxic additives used combines chemical and weather resistant pigments with high performance light, weather and chemical stabilization.
Made from durable 500 micron material.
Suited to indoor and outdoor pools.

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South Africa


3 Years


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