Zodiac heat pump Z200 for swimming pools

This heating pump is the solution to “heating”, it is more economical since it utilizes nearly 80% of it’s domestic energy to heat your pool … Just look!

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Example: 1 kW of electricity consumed = 5 kilowatts returned to your pond.
Z200 provides a simple and economic solution for heating your pool, while benefiting from the quality and Zodiac® service.

Other technical specifications :

With the Z200, Zodiac offers a swimming pool heat pump for combining design and performance, ideal for heating small pools. This heat pump dimensions have been minimized in order to have a minimum of space in the garden.

Supplementary Notes:

With its array of LCD panel, press the power button, choose the desired temperature and it does the rest. Z200 is easy to install thanks to its fittings supplied.

Additional information



Weight (Kg)

From 45 to 50 ( depending on model )




3 Years


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