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Salt electrolysis for your pool water

Focus on the salt electrolysis

The salt electrolyser is a system of disinfection of water that generates chlorine by electrolysis of a salt water. The electrolyzers are equipped with:

  • Of a Cabinet whose installation in a technical room or under a shelter is recommended,
  • Of an electrolysis cell (Titanium plates) which integrates seamlessly with the groups of filtration discharge pipes,
  • Of test strips to check the salt content.

Electrolyse au sel

Salt water enters the cell and electrochemical reaction allows you to transform salt chlorine. This chlorine will destroy the bacteria present in the water of your pool and then, once exposed to UV, it will change again in salt. You will understand, salt regenerates constantly and your pool is effectively treated.

  • The salt electrolyser automatically treats your pool and you Freedman of slow chlorinations conducted usually by the weekly addition of chlorine slow rollers.
  • Ultra simple operation as just put salt in the basin and upon its dissolution, to start your device.


Piscine au sel

It is not less that even if electrolysis is an automatic processing, its action is to be effective, certain parameters must be respected:

  • The pH of the water should be between 7.00 and 7.4
  • The rate of salt in the water must be between 4 g/l (3.2 g/l minimum)
  • The water temperature should be above 15 ° C otherwise degrade the cell
  • The recommended alkalinity level between 8 and 15 mg/l
  • Stabilizer recommended rate is 50 mg/m3
  • Filtration time and adjustment of the device must be adjusted to allow a rate of chlorine between 0.5 and 2 g/m3

The phenomenon of electrolysis based on regeneration of salt molecules, it is essential that the basin was discovered regularly in the season under penalty of having a rate of too much chlorine and corrosive water. Shutters typically have a servo to the cell for transmitting information ‘Pane place’ or ‘stream wound’ and so automatically regulate the processing power.


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