Terms and Conditions


These Conditions apply to all contracts for the supply of goods and services by our care and replace and take the place of any other Terms or Conditions produced or referred by the Client. No other terms or conditions must be included or implied unless previously agreed in writing by our care and in case of conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions of the customer order, these conditions will prevail. No variation where addition to these conditions will be unite or form part of any relevant contract, and no order can be cancelled, postponed or altered without the written consent of our representative. In the case of cancellation or modification of an order by the customer, we shall be entitled to pay the costs, losses or damages incurred in respect of the order.


Every order of goods or services to be provided by our care is deemed to be an offer for the customer to purchase the goods or services. These conditions are accepted at our discretion.

Termes et conditions

Orders and prices

The elements of products, we proposed in our catalogue, are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. We reserve the right of refusing or accepting an application for an order in whole or in part. Prices will be the prices in force on the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. All prices are subject to change or modification without prior notice. The shipping price is included in the total price. All quotes given by our care are likely to be changed without notice in case of any increase in our costs which is due to a factor beyond its reasonable control. The prices indicated are in Mauritian rupees (MRU) and are exclusive of VAT which is due to the current rate and the customer is also liable to pay us.

Payment & discount policy

Payment can be made either by bank transfer or by cheque according to the Client option checked in the credit application form. The customer shall not respect as the credit of the selected terms, we reserve the right to charge additional fees for late payment. Any dispute arising due to delay of payment and overdue amounts, will add an interest charge of 2% per month of delay of payment above the existing penalty charges listed in the credit application form. In case of recovery by a lawyer, the costs of recovery, including the commission of the Attorney (10% of the total amount) will be borne by the customer. All of the rates associated with purchasing options selected or reduction of the turnover will be directly stated on the invoices. No cash discount will be allowed. The Client is bind to decide when the discount can be applied to the Bill because they are cumulative, on an annual basis. The Client must not use the remission of turnover at the end of the year, there will be no possible claim to propose reduction accumulated in the next fiscal year.


We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the delay in the production or delivery of goods or breach of its other obligations to the extent that such delay or failure is caused in whole or in part by the fire, strikes, lockout, dispute with workers, flood, accidents, delays in transportation, fuel shortages, default of the supplier, failure to obtain a material, Act on the embargo or the request of a Government Department or the local authority due to war or hostilities (declared or not), or force majeure, or by other matter or thing beyond our reasonable control. If such delay or failure occurs while the period for us to perform its obligation shall be extended by a period that we may reasonably require.


Any date or time given by us to the customer for delivery of the goods is only an estimate. While we will always strive to meet dates or hours provided or specified by either party, any dates or hours must be committed or form part of the contract. The goods may be delivered before the delivery date quotes after giving reasonable notice to the Client. Each delivery shall be deemed to as a separate market for the purposes of these terms and conditions. Non-respect of any delivery date shall not be deemed to be a repudiation of the balance of the contract. We will arrange for the transport of the goods to the customer, unless otherwise specified in the confirmation of order. Products must be at risk of the customer from the moment of the delivery in the customer’s premises. Must be so, no obligation unless this notification is made by the customer and confirmed by our care. We reserve the right to charge an additional cost if the Client delays the installation of goods by more than one month after the date requested by the customer in its order. Unless we receive written notice from the customer that the delivery should be made only at a specific person, anyone who accepts delivery to the customer’s premises is deemed to have approval from the customer to accept the goods.


When the installation must be made by us, the contract price is based on the information provided by the Client. Characters work or material deemed necessary thereafter, which were not obvious that the information provided, will be charged additionally. The customer must give us all reasonable assistance to enable the work to be done within the time limits. The customer will be responsible for ensuring adequate access to the site in order to facilitate the work unfold. The Client must ensure that the site is ready in all respects for the work and are available all appropriate facilities and public services. Where a specific end date is required by the Client, we may require access to the site outside normal hours of work, in which case we are not liable for any additional costs incurred by the customer or third parties.


Any claim by the customer that the goods delivered do not comply with the specification of contracts must be notified in writing to us within three days of delivery. The goods in issue should not be subjected to any process or disposed of until we had an opportunity to make a inspection and/or test the goods. The customer must examine the goods at the delivery and if all parts are damaged or missing, must detail on the Bill of goods received from the State. If the goods under consideration are not faulty, inspection fees and all costs of transportation to and from us, are supported by the Client. If the goods are found to be defective, we will at our discretion replace or repair the goods or the Client’s credit with their invoice value or exhibit thereto and shall reimburse Client for transport, and this must be the limit of our liability.

Warranty & liability

We guarantee the goods of satisfactory quality and that they will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of the sale of the products by us. During this period subject to payment of the amounts owed by the customer for the goods. After being in its entirety, we will at its discretion repair or replace free of charge fresh products sold by it which fail to perform satisfactorily during the warranty period due to defects in workmanship or material as in the normal case, normal wear and tear of the conditions. If the goods abused, damaged or worn use extended during the warranty period, they will be repaired as economically as possible to the Paid for by the customer. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage as a result of:-goods have been installed, commissioned or repaired by persons other than us or its authorized agents or subcontractors or; spare parts, accessories or additional parts having been set or used in connection with goods (other than those approved in writing by us) or; the goods having been adapted for use or used in a manner or to a non-conforming use to our recommendations. In the case of a warranty claim, we can elect either to request the return of the goods or to our order (all the transportation costs to be supported by the Client) or to inspect the goods at the place of installation. In no case we, its employees, agents or subcontractors will be liable of any specific, indirect or consequential loss or damage or loss of profits or other economic loss resulting from our performance or non-performance to the terms herein or the use of any goods or services sold under these terms. Without prejudice to the foregoing, we cannot accept any liability for costs or losses incurred as a result of the interruption in the use of products and our responsibility in virtue where in connection with each contract to which apply these Conditions shall not exceed the price of the goods and services provided under the terms of this contract.

Customer SERVICE policy

We are committed to providing exceptional service and quality of customer products. We strive to make sure that all the products listed in our catalogue are in stock now and the prices are true and correct. Delivery times are between 3-5 business days. Where an article ordered is not available or we are unable to fulfill your order, we will inform you within 2 working days to arrange a nice replacement item.

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