Se muscler avec l'aquabike
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The benefits of the aquabike

Aquabike, benefits for the body

More and more practiced, the aquabike tends to anticipate water aerobics in the list of favorite water sports. At the rate of a course of 45 minutes to an hour, participants ride in water on the rhythm of the music on a bike fixed to the ground. We disclose to you what are the benefits of the aquabike and what are the contraindications to practice it.

To reshape the silhouette

the aquabike is ideal for overweight people who want to lose a few pounds and who seek to strengthen the lower part of their body. Start with a weekly meeting to gradually reach 2 to 3 sessions of 45 minutes per week. You’ll quickly find that your cellulite diminishes and your legs are refined. The energy expenditure will be also more important when you ride a bike on road or a session of spinning. The aquabike allows also to prevent and avoid water retention. Thanks to the draining the passage of water on your skin, your legs are less swollen and you feel a pleasant light sensation.



For to strengthen

All aquatic activities require a more intense muscular effort because water offers more resistance than air. You will then need to provide more effort to make the same movements. However, the effort will be easier because in the water, the body is low. In practicing the aquabike, you work further down the body, i.e. the legs, the panties horse or the abdominal muscles and the result will be visible more quickly than with a session of Aqua aerobics. Through a series of exercises carried out at different speeds, it is also the right way to strengthen your heart.


Se muscler avec l'aquabike


Like swimming or water aerobics, there are few contraindications to the practice of the aquabike. Set aside for people with cardiac or respiratory insufficiency aquabike courses are intended for all audiences regardless of age or sex. Be aware that pregnant women are allowed to practise the aquabike provided you take a few precautions. The aquabike is a non-violent sport that preserves the joints and minimises the risk of injury or muscle damage.

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