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Think about securing his pool! More than an obligation, a responsible and moral act

Be thinking of securing his pool!!

sécuriser sa piscine

Securing one’s pool in Mauritius is not a legal obligation, everyone is free to do it or not, but our responsibility as parents obliges us to take an interest in safety devices to prevent the risk of children drowning.

Inground pool or above ground pool the risk is the same. It is important to know that a child can drown very easily in 20 cm of water in 12 seconds.

Accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death in the under-25 age group. It is important to stress that a means of protection will never replace parental supervision, as most accidents occur when the pool is open for swimming.

Before introducing you to the various protective equipment, here are the correct steps to take in case of drowning:
It only takes a few seconds of inattention for a child to drown. In case of drowning, get the victim out of the water as quickly as possible and lay him or her on his or her back. First reflex: check to see if he or she is breathing.

Be careful not to put yourself in danger. If in doubt about your abilities, do not jump into the water and hand a pole or floating object to the victim.

Once out of the water, if the victim is conscious and breathing, dry them and cover them with a blanket.

If she is unconscious and breathing, lay her on her side with her head and mouth open downwards and call for emergency assistance.

If the victim is unconscious and no longer breathing, immediately perform cardiac resuscitation until the emergency department arrives: alternate between 2 breaths (mouth-to-mouth, or mouth-to-mouth and nose if the victim is a baby) and 30 chest compressions . assurance-prévention.fr

At BPL we always put the protection and safety of our users first. We often tell you about the special attention we pay to water quality. But we would also like to tell you more about the protections for toddlers to prevent any risk of accidents and drowning of young children. We notice that this equipment is all too often forgotten in budgets..

How to secure swimming pools in Mauritius?
Let’s take a look at the different protection systems best suited to securing a swimming pool in Mauritius:

1- The safety net

The safety net is the most sold device to secure swimming pools in Mauritius. It takes up very little space and is very affordable. Rather aesthetic because it harmonizes with the environment. The only catch, don’t be discouraged to unhook and put the net back on.

Advantage: Very affordable price, aesthetically pleasing

Disadvantages: not easy to use, must be installed correctly by a professional


filet de protection piscine

2- The protective barrier 

Swimming pool barriers can be rigid or flexible and made of different materials – iron, wood, PVC or steel.
The barrier is about 1m10 high, making it impossible for a small child to open or pass through the barrier. Usually there is a ‘double’ locking system at the top of the gate. The pool is inaccessible for a child under 5 years of age. Finally, the gate must be placed at least one metre behind the edge of the pool to allow this space to circulate around the pool.

Advantage: Affordable price, easy to use

Disadvantages: Unsightly, must be installed correctly by a professional.

La barrière de protection 

La barrière de protection

3- The pool cover

Roller shutter, also called pool curtain. It can

be flexible or rigid but must be made, constructed or installed in such a way as to prevent the involuntary immersion of children under 5 years of age and resist the overcoming of an adult max 100 kilos once closed. There are several models, from the bar cover to the automated cover, which is the ‘top of the range’ protection. In our opinion it is the most suitable device for swimming pools in Mauritius but can be one of the most expensive. Simply turn a key to open or close the cover. In 30 seconds the cover is hydraulically driven to protect and secure the pool 100%.

Recently there are solar approved covers available.

Resistance and solidity are the key words of this device.

Once unrolled on your pool a child can safely walk on it and watch it dance.

Be careful though, not to be confused with bubble covers, which are not at all recognised as a protection and safety system.

Advantage: Integral pool protection and ease of use.

Disadvantages : Budgeting is required.


La couverture de piscine

4- Pool Perimeter Alarm and Immersion Alarm

Suitable for all pools. Often chosen by users, pool alarms are the cheapest on the market and the easiest to install. You don’t really need a great deal of pool knowledge to install an alarm.

However, we strongly recommend that this device be associated with another more efficient device. Keep in mind that the pool immersion alarm goes off in less than 11 seconds when it perceives an abnormal movement such as a child falling. It is also necessary to pay attention the models of alarm detect differently the ‘weight’ of the child generally one speaks about 6 kilos (the equivalent of a baby of 8 months). As far as the peripheral alarm is concerned, it sounds as soon as a person enters the zone delimited by the infrared terminals that surround the pool. But the reaction time for both devices is short.

Advantage: aesthetically pleasing because it is discreet, easy to use and has a short response expensive

Disadvantages: to be considered as a complementary device


L’alarme piscine

5- Les Shelters swimming pool

We’re talking about high-end protection and comfort. Still not very widespread in Mauritius, because of their price and especially considered as useless in our latitudes. It is true that among our European friends, for example, having a shelter on your swimming pool is a chance and a luxury. It allows them to enjoy their swimming pool in all seasons. But we also forget that the pool cover is considered above all as a protection. We put it in the last place but it was still important to talk about it and make some clarifications.  Several shelters are available on the market, awnings, sliding shelters, telescopic shelters and fixed or retractable shelters. Their locking systems provide real security, like a protective barrier. Pool shelters of any kind therefore meet two criteria They are protective devices against any risk of accident and drowning, but they allow a certain water temperature to be maintained.

Advantages: optimal protection once the cover is locked, thermal role, etc.

Disadvantages: Very very expensive, imposing in the environment

Abris piscine

Securing your pool is IMPORTANT! Don’t forget, regulations are one thing – common sense is another. 12 is the number to remember, 12 seconds and the time it takes a young child to drown. This article is to be read in the form of advice. There are other pool safety devices on the market.


Let’s talk about it!
Contact us to discuss together how we can protect your pool and keep your children safe!

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