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Your low cost all inclusive pool in Mauritius!

You live in Mauritius and are planning to build your own swimming pool but you don’t know how to go about it? Where do you start? Indeed, it is an ambitious project that can seem complicated, long and expensive.

The current context, following the Covid-19 crisis, may also make you doubt the reliability of this or that builder and the quality of the materials used.
In order to accompany you as well as possible, BPL International Ltd wishes to reassure you and proposes you an exceptional offer: your turnkey swimming pool at a low price!
How can we do it? More information below!


A turnkey swimming pool

A “turnkey” swimming pool, what does that mean exactly? It is the management of your project from A to Z! An “all inclusive” pool! The BPL International Ltd team takes care of the study of the site, the selection of the best craftsmen, the design, the installation and the commissioning of your pool.
In order to optimize the installation of your pool and its equipment, our team will take care of the hydraulic and electrical plans. But that’s not all: you will also benefit from quality equipment, from the filtration pump to the skimmer.

A unique offer in Mauritius!

More technically, the offer includes : 5M X 3M CONCRETE SWIMMING POOL

– Search
– Basic preparation
– Concrete structure
– Staircase 4 steps
– Waterproofing
– Slate finish
– Technical Room

– Salt electrolyzer
– Filter pump
– Filter
– 1 Skimmer
– 4 nozzles
– 1 Brush socket
– 1 stainless steel led

A swimming pool at a low price

Because building a swimming pool is always an expensive project, even in Mauritius, and given the context of the crisis facing Covid-19, BPL International Ltd offers you a swimming pool at a price beating all competition: Rs 650 000 (all taxes included). As explained above, this offer includes field studies, construction, installation, but also equipment. Your concrete swimming pool will allow you to benefit from multiple advantages, because such a construction promises robustness and adaptability to all types of land. It is a durable and reliable investment.

For the location, we will advise you, so that you get the best visual effect. You can trust BPL International Ltd, with its previous achievements, which promises you quality, respect for deadlines and the guarantee of the services offered. It is a team of passionate people who are waiting for you to accompany you in this wonderful adventure.

The advantages of this all-inclusive pool at a mini price

Throughout the project, BPL International Ltd will provide you with personalized support, taking into account your needs and expectations.
An ideal winter context to launch the construction of your future swimming pool in Mauritius.
A small price accessible to the greatest number.
An all inclusive pool
You will benefit from the BPL International guarantee
Possibility to continue the collaboration with BPL International Ltd for the maintenance and upkeep of your pool .

This exceptional offer will end on 1st September 2020, so don’t wait any longer! Contact us to find out more or make an appointment directly with our team!

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